"This symposium looks fascinating and right ‘on the money’ as a topic of great national significance".

Gerry Northam BBC File on 4

What happens when public meets private? When volunteer meets shareholder? When social conscience meets the Stock Exchange? Who holds the power… and does money always have to have the last word?

Getting Even is a call-to-action for doers and thinkers hungry to build a level playing field in the new mixed economy.

"We at MBS are proud to support Getting Even. The questions it is addressing are vital for our economic future and the well being of society as a whole".

Dil Sidhu

Chief External Officer, Manchester Business School


Ambitions for Getting Even

1. To create an opportunity for doers and thinkers in the public, corporate and third sector, to share and map their experiences of the marketplace

2. To develop and pool ideas and solutions that highlight what is needed to create a more progressive, level playing field

3. To bring principle findings from this debate onto the national stage

4. To develop a credible and influential network capable of testing new methods, and lobbying for wider change

5. To contribute to ongoing research to build the case for equality in the marketplace

Who should attend?

Unlike minds who recognise that current marketplace inequalities need to be challenged, and want to debate how.

Bidders with questions for commissioners, corporate bosses seeking social change, and charities struggling with meaning and money... if you are eager to engage in an open conversation about how to make things fairer, sign up now.

Delegates include:

  • Socially motivated SMEs
  • Third sector managers
  • Public sector managers
  • Corporate sector managers
  • Funders and commissioners
  • Academics
  • Thought leaders

Up for discussion

There will be case studies, a panel debate and sparring sessions throughout the day that won't shy away from the big questions...

The race to the bottom

Does everything have to come down to the bottom line, and if so what does this mean for the third sector and socially motivated businesses?

Love me tender

The Big Society promised more contracting opportunities for third sector and SMEs, but what impact is the demanding tendering process having when larger and more powerful contractors invariably end up winning?


Is corporate social responsibility window-dressing or a meaningful route to social good?

The only way is ethics

In some circles, terms like ethics, value, and societal impact are seen as irrelevant and un-businesslike. Why?

Whose playing field is it anyway?

There have long been promises to level the playing field for third sector and socially motivated organisations, and yet why are so many of the available services unhelpful and over priced?

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is... mine

Many third sector and socially motivated SME’s lose the right to intellectual property when working with a larger ‘partner’. How can we keep control of our work?

See all topics for discussion

Created and curated by Julia Brosnan and Frankie Mullen because the time is right and the need compelling. We are calling on many already having these debates, along with new friends who thought they were on their own, and innocent bystanders who've been busy doing something else. We believe the marketplace needs genuine value and equality. Getting Even is a chance to join us, to join it all up, and join forces.

Dovetail is putting on Getting Even on a not-for-profit basis. This symposium is political but not party political.

The University of Manchester Business School

The University of Manchester Business School is supporting the symposium through the in-kind provision of their conference facilities and catering, as part of the University's goal of building greater social responsibility across all its activities and its commitment to seek out, develop and support innovative and credible new pathways.


Thursday 10th July 2014


Manchester Business School, Booth Street W, Manchester, M15 6PB

What time:

9am registration, Prompt start 9.45–5.00pm
5–6pm networking and drinks

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